10/26/14: Upcoming Release Schedule

Welcome to the new Velvet Cookie Records website. Not much of an introduction but we’re more interested in recording and releasing music. There’s going to be a slew of new releases coming up over the next few months. First up, we just got a new recording from Mela titled “I Carry You With Me”. A powerhouse follow up to her debut “Red Dust” that will knock down doors and make you dance.

Next, we’ll be releasing a new EP by Spike James called “Mind Your Head”. Where “Resistance Theory” melded hardcore punk and rap, Spike goes back to his rap roots for this one. His rhymes will keep you in check while making you groove in ways you never thought possible.

Here’s the upcoming VCR release schedule:


Mela – I Carry You With Me


Spike James – Mind Your Head

When you purchase music from this site, all profits go directly to the artist. We have some great music coming your way and this is just the beginning. Keep checking back for more updates, news, and releases.